Petrecere Kanga Zette @ La Gazette

Petrecere Kanga Zette @ La Gazette
Joi, 2013-02-21

Petrecere Kanga Zette in La Gazette Joi, 21 Februarie 2013 incepand cu orele 22:00.Intrare libera.


Cocor is an organization that brings together interdisciplinary artists to create moments, friendships and new ideas.
cocor. born with the need to gather people who have a strong passion for music and go beyond..
We aim to gather more and more artists, to complete the image, to complete the family, to emphasize the outline.
cocor. is an open-collaboration, so we are open to everybody who feels that belongs.

PAVLOV (cocor)
JASPER (cocor)

Apparent (visuals)